Obesity, Diabetes. Samuel Adams

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You’d be smiling too if you were holding a juicy burger and a crushable beer. Happy National Cheeseburger Day.


Anheuser-Busch selling alcohol. Alcohol makes you drunk.#alcoholaware


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    For #GlobalBeerResponsibleDay, we’re taking employees away from their desks and into the stadiums where we sell our beer! We have a long history of promoting responsible drinking so it’s important our teams experience first-hand how we work alongside our partners to do just that. The plan? Get out of the office, meet our partners and spread the message: #DrinkWiser.

Bud Light/Drinkaware.co.uk selling cheap alcohol.#alcoholadvertising

Aug 24

WHOOSH! Thou great Wizard hath made all Bud Light 4-packs only £2 this in celebration of Bud Light’s new partnership with the England Team. ! Shopeth now: * Subject to availability & for a limited time only